Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama or Clinton?

So now we wait.
It's a virtual deadheat between the two presidential precedents, both history-makers not budging or willing to give an inch. I believe their tenacity was what brought Obama and Clinton this far (gee, what a brilliant observation, Geoff! You'd have to really want the Presidency badly to go through the media bushwacking to get this far and not give up). Democrats now must wait after Mississippi decided for Obama and what looks to be certain victory for Clinton in Pennsylvania. Florida has decided to forgo a do-over and make the nomination process just that much more complicated.

Could it come down to Michigan? Clinton has called for a re-vote in both states - states in which she has both won where her name was the only one on the ballot, but states in which she might win an ever bigger number of delegates if the primary was redone: Florida has a large number of Hispanic or Latino voters who have (so far) stuck with her in the process; Michigan has a large union contingent which could swing Obama's way and some African American voters but not a large number of voters. Clinton might get more of the white, middle-class male vote. Why? God only knows. Maybe b/c she reminds them of their mother.