Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So this guy at the library says to me...

"God IS a Republican." We were standing by my car, and it takes me a second to think about why he said that. But then it sinks in: he's responding to my bumper sticker that I got a couple of years ago during the Bush/Kerry campaign.
I replied, "I highly doubt it."
He retorted, "No, I'm sure He is."
"I don't think He cares about either of our political parties, to be honest," I said and got into my car effectively ending the conversation. So, recalling that conversation, and examining the GOP's plank, I thought, let's do a comparison. I am only guessing at what God would support based upon the teachings of the Bible. I would never presume to have a corner on the market of how the Almighty feels about abortion, illegal immigrants, same sex marriage, LOST, or Kim Jung-Il.

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