Monday, August 18, 2008

6 Reasons Why I Like Senator Obama for President

I typed this up originally as a Top 5 list, and they're in no particular order. It was first posted on a friend's website - Caring Bridge - who is fighting cancer. So here it is in its unamended form:

I was looking over the top five lists and decided I
could add a couple of my own:

Top 5 reasons I'm voting for
(in no particular except that they came out of my head in this

1. I love how he can blend faith into his politics w/o seeming
overbearing, arrogant, and exclusive.

2. He seems to be sincere in his
attempts at uniting the nation when we are at the zenith of our divisions over
the war, class, rights, and... (something escapes me...), oh yeah, race.

3. Building on that last theme, he is willingly wading into the race
issue with those big rubber boots that come up to his armpits and will hopefully
help America heal the wounds that have festered in the sun. I hope he's not just
paying lip service to this; I don't believe he is.

4. He's inspired me
to believe in the political process again b/c of the way he has motivated huge
numbers of kids, teenagers, 20-somethings. These guys are more engaged in the
process than I have ever seen - but of course, those of you who have seen the
Kennedys have seen this. The Millenials weren't motivated for John Kerry in 2004
- just another tired old boring white guy who's pretending to be cool. That's
why they didn't show up to vote. These kids are the future, and Obama is a great
example for them.

5. He has an energy plan (unlike the current
administration who's been promising one for 8 years - I think it's lost with
Cheney's notes from the Energy Task Force or got shredded in the Enron
documents). He has a plan to do something with Iraq as opposed to just staying
put (or joking about bombing Iran). He's actually willing to use diplomacy to
solve problems instead of drop bombs. Appeasement? Fooey. Talking doesn't mean

6. Sorry - I can't help this one - he knows how to use the
Internet and a computer.

I didn't mean to get up on a soapbox and
preach. Couldn't help it when I start talking about the inexperienced one term
senator from Illinois who's seeking the highest office in the land. Speaking of
which, here are my five favorite presidents:

1. Abe Lincoln

2. Teddy Roosevelt

3. George Washington

4. Franklin Roosevelt

5. (undecided)

These are my reasons so far in a off-the-top-of-my-head fashion without editing or anything. More to come.

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